Allows Multiple / Central Govt. / State Govt. / Ministries / Private Stake Holders / Hospitals /
PHCS /HWC'S / Doctors / Associated Health Care Facilities / Projects / Schemes

All Can Login & Work on this Single Cloud Computing Integrated Platform

Online GPMS Transportal Healthcare Solutions

We are undergoing a revolution in our approach to treating disease

Information Therapy

This is cloud computing integrated platform for hospitals and health care organizations. it is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single efficient system.

GPMS Transportal Healthcare cloud computing integrated platform is designed to digitize existing legacy records into a consolidated database. Using this cloud computing integrated platform you can upload Scanned documents to do data entry. The reports will be available based on search option in any browser.

Process Management

Online appointments, medical records management., collaborative online case studies

GPMS Transportal Healthcare
Information Therapy


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